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Valentin Sivyakov

Valentin was born and raised in small Russian town name Palekh in famaly of lacquer miniature painters Evgeny Sivyakov and Tatyana Kotyxina. 
For generations, Valentin Sivyakov’s family were Russian icon painters.
This art is steeped in history, passion, and precision. He grew up surrounded by the rich tapestry of traditional Russian art. His parents Evgeny Sivyakov and Tatyana Kotyxina are celebrated painters whose lacquer miniatures are held in both public and private collection around the world. It is this aesthetic that Valentin has been immersed in all his life that enables him a compelling grasp of design, color, vision, and heart. Whether creating meticulous artwork using pen and ink, paint, or even digital tools, Valentin draws inspiration from his family traditions. His devotion to art, his dedication to delivering the highest quality imagery, and his keen ability to marry traditional influence with cutting edge technology makes him a unique artist with the ability to elevate any project he is hired to design.

Graduated in 2009 from Savannah College of Art and Design BFA in Graphig Design and Photography.